Challenging Destiny
by Medha Deskmukh - Bhaskaran
The Problem with Love is Possessiveness
by Rohit Chevuru
Forever Your Dad
by Aspi Mistry
Conquering Parkinson’s Disease
by Dinesh Patel
Business As Usual
by Deepak Chawla
Years Excavated
by Dr. Sonal Chaturvedi
A Photographic Guide to Birds of Goa
by Naitik Jain
The Matter Of The Mind
by Ravi Valluri
And Then She...
by Ghanshyam Karkera
Who Does That in Today’s World
by Arjun Rana
The Millennium City Hermit
by Anuj Bajaj
by G Ravindran
The Rigveda Code
by Rashmi Chendvankar
Kabira – Not Until I Die
by Arvind Parashar
My Wildlife Odyssey
by Naitik Jain

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