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Book Type: hardcover
ISBN(13): 9789387282230
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Compiling a book inspired by her experiments with chocolate was a logical next step. Having conducted several dozen chocolate making workshops for every age group and having organised plenty of chocolate theme parties, events and experiences with chocolate as the focus, Zeba realised that chocolate is the ingredient best loved by home bakers and budding chefs. She has therefore authored CHOCOLATE, which is filled with simple, delicious and easy to make recipes. She hopes the book brings readers as much joy as eating chocolate does.

Zeba Kohli is a chocolatier, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has won several awards. Well known for revamping the third generation chocolate brand FANTASIE FINE CHOCOLATES, she has created a huge spectrum of flavours and concepts, including edible chocolate paints and chocolate novelties, chess gaming kits and edible mobile phones. She has introduced Lindt Swiss Chocolates to India and was the ambassador of the Belgian chocolate brand Callebaut. In addition, she has made a short movie on Chocolates and Gandhi, and put together a chocolate fashion show.