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Krut The Impossible

Categories: Fiction
Book Type: paperback
ISBN(13): 9789387282551
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Krut - The Impossible is not just a book but a phenomenon, happening in all houses which have been blessed by a girl child. Daughters are one of the most beautiful creations of Almighty. They have a unique ability to handle various relationships at the same time with great ease and comfort. Based on the above thought, this fictional humour book has been composed around a girl child named ‘Krut’, who stays in Dehradun, India, along with her parents. Be it grandparents, teachers, parents, siblings, friends or pets, Krut has a unique ability to handle all of them. (Or exploit them?) Krut is a naughty, witty and a smart girl of today who lives life on her own terms and conditions and yet she is loved by all. This book compiles her day to day phenomenal activities which leave others amused, impressed, shocked and spellbound. In simple words, they are unable to respond, react or reply. As readers, girls and women are going to enjoy the most as they will explore their similarities with Krut. Male readers who have interacted with girls in any relationship would find it equally enchanting, entertaining and engrossing. This book is bound to revive your old memories and affiliations. This is a family-oriented light humour comic book which will be enjoyed by human readers of all ages & communities. (I only wish animals could read this book). The book is planned in volumes.

Sudhir Mudgal had his earlier education in Dehradun and is a prodigy of IIT Delhi, CFTRI Mysore and IMA Dehradun. He is an acclaimed creative person and author with keen sense of humour. He did political Cartooning, cards designing, web designing and advertising. He has represented India in UNESCO in Chicago. His paintings have found buyers in USA, UK, Corporate houses & Government buildings. His International edition book ‘Krut The Impossible’ found place in all International book fairs of 2016.