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Mr. Nidhi Dalmia


Nidhi Dalmia is an alumni of St Stephen’s College in Delhi, and pursued his post graduate education at Oxford University. Thereafter, he graduated from the Sorbonne and Management education at Harvard Business School. Born into one of India’s oldest industrialist families, he was brought up
surrounded by a business and industry culture since childhood. However, it is the spiritual environment prevalent in his home, where Vedas, Upanishads were a part of his home schooling, that Nidhi most cherishes. A member of several prestigious professional bodies, Nidhi
has received extensive professional training across the world. His professional life exposed him to diverse business responsibilities especially in the manufacturing sector. He is a sports enthusiast - from tennis, swimming to chess. Nidhi also likes travelling, Western pop music, Indian and
Western classical music and playing the piano. He divides his time between Delhi and Paris. Harp is his first novel.