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Challenging Destiny
by Medha Deshmukh Bhaskaran
Genre: Biography
And Then She...
by Ghanshyam Karkera
Genre: Fiction
Who Does That In Today’s World
by Arjun Rana
Genre: Fiction
The Matter Of The Mind
by Ravi Valluri
Genre: Non-Fiction
The Problem with Love is... Possessiveness
by Rohit Chevuru
Genre: Fiction
The Millennium City Hermit
by Anuj Bajaj
Genre: Self-Help
Forever Your Dad
by Aspi Mistry
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Parkinson’s Disease

by Dinesh Patel
Genre: Memoirs
Business As Usual
by Deepak Chawla
Genre: Short Story
Years Excavated
by Dr. Sonal Chaturvedi
Genre: General Fiction
Birds of Goa
by Naitik Jain
Genre: Reference
by G Ravindran
Genre: Leadership
The Rigveda Code
by Rashmi Chendvankar
Genre: Mythology - Historical Thriller
Kabira – Not Until I Die
by Arvind Parashar
Genre: Spy-thriller
My Wildlife Odyssey
by Naitik Jain
Genre: Photography-Travel/Wildlife
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