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Can he live up to the promise he made to his wife? The young Indian pursued his education in journalism from Moscow and went to Afghanistan for his Persian Love. He was offered to be engaged as an illegal spy, but for good reason by his Russian Professor. It all seemed normal and well-intentioned, till he realised everything he did was part of a larger conspiracy. The covert operations by Soviet intelligentsia, uprising in Afghanistan and finally the war came crashing down upon him and his family. Suffering betrayals, he took upon himself to fight the war. What follows is the hunt for the perpetrators, survival in torrid conditions and unfolding of the events that took away everything from him. Will he succeed in getting it all back? It is a story of love, hope, romance and adventure…

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Arvind Parashar hails from a beautiful valley in Northern India, Dehradun, capital of Uttarakhand. He lives with his family in Mumbai. In his free time, Arvind loves to paint oil on canvas. Most of his work has been gifted to friends and family. He enjoys travelling, and mostly does road trips with family and friends. He decided to quit his sixteen year long corporate career for the passion of writing, and is now fully devoted to it. He had been associated with Corporate Social Responsibility in the past – Give India and Junior Achievement in particular. He wishes to continue with the philanthropic work more rigorously in the future. He has held many guest lectures as a motivational speaker in various colleges and schools across India. Be a part of author’s extended family on Facebook or follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Also, visit the website: Keep visiting above, as there will be launch of contests and also many inspirational quotes and stories to follow. You may also click your picture with the book and send to the author. Let him know in advance if you would like to be part of the Facebook fan page and author’s website.

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