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TWP Press Release

The Write Place is the premier destination for authors to arrive with their stories, ideas and content, and see it being transformed into a finished book. Launched in 2014, this publishing initiative by Crossword Bookstores was started with the aim to enable aspiring authors to reach out to readers.

An initiative of Crossword Bookstores Ltd – Crossword has been part of the book retail industry for nearly twenty three years – The Write Place is the author’s perfect publishing companion every step of the way.

The Write Place not only takes care of the prepress side of things, but also takes care of design, production, distribution, warehousing, logistics, marketing, and most important of them all, marketing and sales at Crossword Bookstores as well as most online bookstores in India. The idea is to provide a legitimate platform to authors who indeed have a story to tell.

So far, The Write Place has published 9 books under its banner, across a range of genres. Starting with Forever Your Dad by Aspi Mistry, a paranormal romance, Conquering Parkinson’s Disease by Dinesh Patel came next, an inspiring memoir about living with Parkinson’s disease. The Write Place then published Deepak Chawla’s Business As Usual, a riveting collection of short stories set in corporate world. This was The Write Place’s first success, as it quickly climbed the bestseller charts and has been there for a few months now. The author, who had previously published a book of poems in Hindi, has been extremely happy about the response his book has received.

Wildlife photographer and enthusiast Naitik Jain, seventeen at the time of release, then came on board with a coffee table book chronicling his visits to various national parks in India, called My Wildlife Odyssey. An updated edition of a bird-watching guide by the same author – A Photographic Guide to Birds of Goa was also published by The Write Place. Subsequently, Dr Sonal Chaturvedi’s debut fiction Years Excavated and Rashmi Chendvankar’s historical fiction The Rigveda Code were released.

Arvind Parashar’s debut novel, Kabira – Not Until I Die, a spy-thriller and G Ravindran’s book about leadership management, Re-Enterprise are The Write Place’s most recent releases.

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