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Who Does That in Today’s World?
Paperback: INR 250

How far would you go in your quest for love?

Would you be ready to be ridiculed by the world just so it brings a smile on the face of someone you love?

Would you go ahead and do something unrealistic for your love so the world would ask Who Does That In Today’s World?

This is the story of a film enthusiast girl, living in a dream world and her regular, nothing like larger than life boyfriend. How they survive the journey full of ups and downs and how they realise the most important lessons of their lives.

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About the Author

Arjun Rana works in the IT industry. He worked for more than 6 years with Infosys before moving to Cognizant in 2013 and has been working with them since. Having worked in a variety of roles ranging from a coder to a business analyst, he finally succumbed to the need of fulfilling his long awaited desire to be an author.

Born in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, he now lives in Pune with his wife and son. Arjun has been passionate about writing right from the days of his childhood and has been writing poems, short stories, and plays among other things. He is also an active blogger and blogs at:

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